Monday, December 31, 2012

love tokens

After reading this, I wanted to start trying something very similar with my little man. We both went to AC Moore and picked out a couple dozen wooden 'tokens'. We painted each one together, and I explained to him what the whole thing was about. He picked out the different prizes and I listed them on his new giant art pad of paper. He is so excited about it and I can already tell the difference.

From mockabee7:
"The system lasts for one week.  They also get tokens removed when they are not showing love.  Tokens are not freely given all day as most of our routine is required or expected, but going above and beyond surely deserves a reward!

At the end of the week, we have a family meeting and "cash in" our love tokens.  All of the rewards are usually time-based and not really working towards toys or treats (although there is an opportunity to acquire something sweet on the list)."

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