Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally. My Card Catalog

This beaut's all mine. I've been looking for a very specific size and finish card catalog for 5+ years now everywhere (Ebay, Craigslist, etc. etc.) I find them but they are overpriced, don't offer shipping, missing hardware, wrong size, wrong finish. Very expensive mostly; especially for the solid oak, antique finish in the size I want.

Then I found her. I randomly searched on Richmond's Craigslist  (I live in Virginia Beach about hour and a half away) and I found a listing with a dark photo of a card catalog; it looked promising. The price was $150 obo. (or best offer?) I called him and asked to hold until Friday. No deal. I told him I'd be there that night. I drove my butt to Richmond and it wouldn't fit inside. But he felt so bad for me that he accepted my check and said he'd hold until the next morning. I borrowed my boyfriend's dad's truck and hauled a$$ to Richmond..again. (3 hour round trip). This poor boy was selling it for his grandmother and had no idea what he had. He mentioned that he'd had over 30 calls and many people were upset that he wouldn't hold it until they got there.

This gorgeous old thing is in amazing condition. Every single piece of hardware except one pull. I even saw the imprint on the side that it's from Mary Washington College University of Virginia. Now I'm just torn between selling for a hefty profit on Ebay (never).